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  1. Why is it so convenient?
    Obtaining Travel Visas to some countries can be a struggle. Many countries have complex rules which, infuriatingly, you are expected to know. Incorrect documents or expired UK passports can and will cause delays or cancellations in your travel plans. And even the simplest visa applications can mean lengthy embassy queues. With ten years experience as visa agents, and particularly Russian,India,China and other CIS countries; combined with online ordering and delivery tracking – we make it simple for you.
  2. Testimonials
    We use CIBT and Visa 365 for Passport and Visa for all over Visa Requirements.

    With nearly 50 years experience, CIBT and its subsidiary Visa Central is the world's largest processor of international travel visas and passports.
  3. VisaCentral provides services to individual travellers, multinational corporations, tour operators, and cruise lines. VisaCentral employees are highly trained travel visa and passport specialists who offer personalised attention and responsive customer service. VisaCentral provides services through a network of over 31 offices in 11 countries.
    VisaCentral is the recognised industry leader in international travel visas and passports. Over 5 Million Travellers have used VisaCentral to obtain the documents they need to travel internationally. Our 700 travel visa and passport specialists have deep industry experience and offer unmatched, reliable service to travellers worldwide. Regardless of where your itinerary begins and ends, VisaCentral is dedicated to obtaining the documents you need for international travel when you need them.
  4. Global Reach: VisaCentral is the world’s largest processor of international travel visas and passports. With over 31 offices in 11 countries, our 700 travel visa and passport specialists offer unmatched service to travellers worldwide.
  5. Experienced Management Team: VisaCentral is committed to operating a world class travel document processing company. Our executives and senior managers are highly qualified in their respective fields of expertise.
  6. A Commitment to Customer Service: The VisaCentral global team of travel visa and passport experts is committed to providing our customers and clients with the highest level of personal attention and professional service. Our experts are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines and understand the urgency of last minute trips. VisaCentral is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain travel visas and passports. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service each time they use VisaCentral.

The CIBT Solution

  1. Unmatched Speed: CIBT can process a travel visa or passport request fast – often in as little as one day.
  2. Full Line of Services: CIBT can assist you in obtaining travel visas to over 200 countries and electronic visas like an Australian ETA or US ESTA. CIBT can help secure UK passport renewals and other documents, such as letters of invitation, legalisations and document translations.
  3. Proprietary Database: CIBT customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains all the specific requirements for travellers of any nationality to travel anywhere in the world. CIBT provides you with a customised CIBT Application Pack that includes precise, easy-to-follow instructions, requirements, and all necessary application forms needed to obtain your travel visa or passport.
  4. Travel Visa and Passport Specialists: CIBT employs over 700 travel visa and passport specialists who individually review your application before it is submitted to an Embassy or the UK Identity & Passport Service. CIBT’s highly trained specialists recognise the trust that you place in them and strive to provide personalised, accurate, and secure service.
  5. Secure Process: CIBT is committed to protecting your privacy. We appreciate the sensitive nature of documents required to obtain travel visa or passport and ensure that data and document security is our top priority. CIBT does not share your personal data or private documents.
  6. Real-time Order Tracking: Upon receipt of your application CIBT will send you an email confirming that your supporting materials have arrived and have been submitted to the embassy. Our online tracking tool allows you to view real time tracking of your application from our website.
  7. Out of Hours Service. CIBT operates the UK’s only out of hours acceptance and processing service. To accommodate our clients travel needs, CIBT staffs an out of hours duty manager to assist clients with last minute or emergency travel visa and passport processing. By appointment, work can be delivered to our office before or after normal business hours. Our Out of Hours Service ensures that your clients visa application is attended to that evening and ready for lodging the next day.
  8. Airport Meet & Greet. CIBT helps clients meet the tightest of travel deadlines with our Airport Meet & Greet service. We will arrange for couriers to collect passports at the airport from arriving travellers in need of expedited processing. We can also coordinate the delivery of passports for departing travellers who have applied for urgent last minute visas.
  9. Proprietary Database. CIBT customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains all of the specific travel requirements for nearly every destination in the world. CIBT provides each traveller with a customised CIBT Application Pack that contains simple and complete instructions specific to their travel visa or passport needs.
  10. Same Day Submittals. CIBT can process travel visas and passports in as little as a day. Applications received in our office by 8:00 am are submitted to the appropriate embassy or consulate the same day that we receive them. Work is never placed on hold or delayed regardless of the deadline.
  11. Schengen Visas. CIBT has accreditation at all Schengen embassies allowing third party submission. We are one of the few companies on the accredited list at the Embassies of France, Switzerland, and Hungary.
  12. Embassy Closures and Updates. CIBT distributes a ‘Weekly Update’ email alert which advises clients about important consular changes and issues.

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