Slovakia – a wealth of medieval and baroque history

Slovakia is a landlocked member of the European Union with 5 million people. The capital and largest city is Bratislava, and the second city is Košice.

Its history encompasses the stone age and great migrations of Celts, Slavs and Huns. The Romans and the Austro-Hungarian Empire both left their indelible mark. With Nazi occupation and the Soviet control of Eastern Europe the land has had a tumultuous time. Slovakia has been in the centre of much of European history.

In 1993 Czechoslovakia dissolved peacefully, re-creating Slovakia as the independant state we see today.

The beautiful Carpathian Mountains are the most prominent feature of the landscape with the High Tatras offering popular ski-ing resorts.

Like many of its neighbours Slovakia has an advanced economy and is part of the "Eurozone" countries using the common European currency. Infrastructure is good, making it a pleasant and easy country to get around.

The mighty Danube river flows through Slovakia and there are mountains and lakes and many other natural wonders to see as well as castles and ancient medieval and baroque towns. Slovakia has perhaps the highest number of castles and chateaux per capita of any country! Museums and concert halls abound. Folk art, crystal glass and carved wooden items are popular souvenirs.

Restaurants serve hearty Central European fare of soups, stews and dumplings as well as delightful pastries and sweets. Each region of the country also has its own specialities. Game such as rabbit, wild boar and venison are popular as well as staples of pork, chicken and beef.

There are 3 main regions.

Western Slovakia : the capital city, the Danube and other river valleys
Central Slovakia : medieval mining, national parks
Eastern Slovakia : mountain ranges with fairytale castles
We have selected the following itineraries which represent the variety of Slovakian attractions.

City Breaks
City break with sport activities in Bratislava
City break and cultural bound in Bratislava
Spa and Wellness Weekend
Biking/Skiing in Summer/Winter

4 Days in Slovakia
Across Slovakia (7 days)
Castles and Chateaux (5 days)
Hiking in the Valcianska valley (7 days)
Unesco Sites and High Tatras (4 days)
Family Packages (2 adults + 2 children)
Package 1 - Poprad
Package 2 - Liptovsky Mikulas
Package 3 - Besenova
8 Days Eastern Europe (6 countries / 8 cities)

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