Approximate Duration: 3.5 hrs
This comprehensive tour highlights the main places of interest in Kuching-the historical city. Places of interest include the Kuching South City Hall, the gigantic cat statue greeting visitors to China Town and the Tua Pek Kong temple. It is oldest Chinese Temple in Sarawak, built in 1876. From this temple, you can get a clear view of the imposing Fort Magherita (not open to public) across the river. From there, proceed to visit the Sarawak Museum before heading for the Civic Centre Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Then drive through Malay villages with traditional houses built on stilts and get a view of the majestic former state mosque before stopping to take a walk along Gambier Street, where the markets are.
Upon arriving at the Kuching waterfront, you can see the Astana across the river, built by the 2nd White Rajah Charles Brooke in 1870 as a bridal gift to his wife. Today it is the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak. You will also see the old colonial Court House with the Clock Tower and a granite obelisk built in memory of the 2nd Brooke Rajah.

Approximate Duration: 03 hrs
The Semonggok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre is located 20 kilometres from Kuching and it takes about half hour to reach the center. This centre houses the orangutan, honey bears, hornbills and other protected species of wildlife, rescued from captivity. These wildlife are then carefully nurtured and rehabilitated into their natural surroundings. We will witness the feeding of the orang utans.
Do not be disappointed if you do not see any roaming the jungle or coming back to feed as they are able to forage on their own and do not need human assistance

Approximate Duration: 04 hrs
Sarawak Cultural Village is located at the foot of the legendary Mount Santubong. It is the living museum that portrays and conserves the unique myriad of various ethnic groups in Sarawak. There are seven representative ethnic houses – The Bidayuh (Land Dayak) Longhouse, Iban (Sea Dayak) Longhouse, Penan Hut, Orang Ulu (Up-river Dayak) Longhouse, Melanau tall house, Malay town house and Chinese farmhouse.
The houses are built according to authentic styles and furnish with real traditional artefacts. The people in some of these houses will perform welcoming dances for visitors to witness. You can watch how the womenfolk make intricate bead necklaces, baskets and traditional cloth weaving. Cultural show is also performed where you can witness different ethic groups presenting their colorful tribal dance.

Approximate Duration: 04 hrs
Located on the hill slopes, the dwellers in this longhouse are mainly farmers cultivating rice, rubber, cocoa and pepper plantations. Which intermingle with luxuriant tropical forest, rivers and mountain ranges. A great opportunity for an insight preview of longhouse dwelling and to enjoy nature surrounding the longhouse. Among the interesting relics are “ Cannon of Peace” and several human skulls, which are about 100 years old, which are kept at the headhouse “Baruk”

Approximate Duration: 06 hrs
Bako National Park covers an area of 16 square kilometres of primary forest and wildlife. There are 25 types of vegetation ranging from lush cliff and lowland dipterocarp forests to almost desert-like scrubs on the upper plateau. Among these vegetation is the carnivorous plant of the pitcher, sundews and bladderworts family.
The mangrove forest provides a home for the long-nosed or proboscis monkeys (endemic only to Borneo), long-tailed macaques, silver-leaf monkeys, monitor lizards, deer and wild boars. We will go on a jungle walk and you may swim in the warm waters of the South China Sea while enjoying looking at unusual beauty of eroded rocks and cliffs. It is possible for you to stay overnight at the Bako National Park. Kindly contact the office for details. Meal: Lunch

Duration: 2 days / 1 night Meal: Full Board
Day 01 0900 hrs depart for ½ hours drive to BNP. Jungle trekking. After lunch we explore another jungle trail. Overnight.
Day 02 Breakfast. Take a short jungle trail. Relax and swim at the beach. Depart after lunch. The different jungle trails brings you in search of the proboscis monkey, discover a variety pitcher plants, different tropical vegetation and mangrove forest.
For safety reasons, we may replace the Bako Tour with another tour during the rainy season in Kuching (November to February), where the sea conditions at Bako National Park may be rough.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
A tour designed for visitors seeking mild adventure and to experience living in an Iban village. The Ibans were once the most notorious and fearsome headhunters of Borneo. Today, they live peacefully as farmers fishing and hunting in the wilderness.

DAY 01
Depart for a 04 hrs journey to the interior of Sarawak, En-route pass by village, padi fields, pepper/rubber/sago plantations, primary and secondary rainforest. Lunch at a coffee shop. We board a motorised longboat upstream, and poling clear off shallow section of the river. The boat journey will take 45 minutes (depending on level of water), we stay in a guesthouse located beside the Iban Longhouse. An introduction of the Longhouse and the different sections. Most of the occupants will be at the fields and will return late evening. The elderly and the young remain at the longhouse doing daily chores.
After dinner at the guesthouse, we return to the longhouse to meet the chief of the longhouse. This will be followed by a welcome ceremony where traditional dances will be performed. We retire for the night. The guesthouse is dormitory style, equipped with mosquito netting and basic facilities.

DAY 02
After breakfast, witness some of the popular pastime games of the natives. Proceed on a jungle walk to the burial grounds, animal traps and what nature offers in the wild. We return to Kuching thereafter. Lunch en-route. Arrive Kuching between 1500 hrs to 1600 hrs.
Due to the simple and basic accommodation at the longhouse, be prepared for some discomfort, bring along repellant, raincoat, comfortable shoes, loose cotton attire and swim wear. Meal: Full board
**(A 03 Days/02 Nights tour can be arranged on request)

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