Delighting visitors without fail is Indonesia’s extraordinary variety of landscapes, hardly surprising. After all, Indonesia is a tropical archipelago that stretches some 5200 kilometres along the equator from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific.
Like a necklace of fine pearls, it boasts 17,500 islands including the main ones Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya and 30 mini other archipelagos.
Generating tour experiences within communities provides the visitor with new insights while its benefits communities by helping them retain the strength and diversity of traditional cultures.
The discovery begins in Java, the coastal port of Banten and its noble city of Yogyakarta, home to two of Indonesia’s legendary monuments-Borobudur and the Prambanan Temple Complex.
In Bali, glorious beaches and verdant landscapes, local food and culture, await.Bali, has long held its crown as Asia Pacific’s unparalleled tourist destination. But beyond this ‘hub’, you can discover a variety of destinations and experiences. See the world’s strangest and rarest reptile, the Komodo dragon, or sail into quite harbours such as Larantuka in the eastern islands, where life remains relatively untouched by modernity.
And further, beyond the traditional Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Bali trail, venture to the more remote places-Tanah Toraja in southern Sulawesi, northern Sumatra’s Lake Toba and Kalimantan’s Mahakam River.

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  • Bali Round Trip (3 Days and 2 Nights)
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